PHP login system with tons of powerful features & plenty of flexibility.


Installs in Minutes

Signup, Verify Email, Login, Forgot Password, and Account Settings modals are all 100% pre-built and ready for prime-time. Customize the design if you'd like, or run with the default. If you're a developer like us, you'll enjoy saving days of coding for each website you work on.

User Manager

Our user manager allows you to quickly/easily view, sort, search, and export users. Combine this with our marketing tools and you've got a recipe for success!

1 Account, Many Sites

If a customer visits your site, and already has a 1Pass4.Me account, they'll enjoy almost immediate access! If not, it only takes a moment to signup, and they'll love the ease of use.

Secure & Safe

Passwords are securely hashed using SHA-512 and never leave our server. Other user information is shared between 1Pass4.Me Network Members, but never shared/sold to 3rd parties by us.

Email Suggestion

As a customer types in their email address, our system attempts to auto-complete it with the correct ending to avoid typos. This speeds up the login process, and prevents signing up with the wrong email.

Form Validation

Before attempting to verify a user's data through the API, a jQuery validation script kicks in and ensures all required fields are entered, and that the email address follows atleast a vague standard structure.

Forgot Password

If a user forgets their password, we'll send them an email with a single-use auto-login link. This brings them directly to their account on your website and opens the settings modal so they can change their password.

Support Available

Need assistance with installation or customization? Add the Extra Support package, and we're always available to give a helping hand. Just login to your account and submit a support request. We strive to respond within a few minutes.

Automatically Updated

As long as you're hot-linking our hosted files, you'll enjoy hands-free upgrades. Any bugs, improvements, etc will be updated automatically on your website forever! Never worry about changing design, coding, or security standards again.


Both packages include:

  • Blazingly Fast Setup
  • Hosted Database
  • Unlimited Users
  • Spiffy Modals (Popup Windows)
  • No-Conflict Class Names
  • Spam Protection
  • Form Validation
  • Masked Phone Field
  • Email Suggestion
  • Email Verification
  • Easy User Admin
  • Marketing Tools
  • Network Member Badge
  • Free Updates
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easily Upgrade/Downgrade
$ 4.99
Per Month
  • Analytics
  • User Manager
  • Marketing Tools
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Email Support
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$ 9.99
Per Month
  • Analytics
  • User Manager
  • Marketing Tools
  • Still Affordable
  • Email Support
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Extra Support
$ 99
One Time
  • All the Help You Need To Get Started Successfully
  • Phone & Skype Support
  • Custom Feature Requests
  • Priority Bug Fixes
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We welcome all questions, suggestions, feedback, and comments, but please use the form in your admin panel for submitting support requests. Thank you!

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